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My Approach

My approach to therapy differs from traditional talk therapy in a number of ways.  In addition to simply talking through challenges with my clients, I use a combination of breath work, meditation, energy balancing, and mindful movement designed to meet your unique individual needs. If you tend to feel anxious, we will work through techniques to help you feel more grounded and in control. If you are feeling depressed, we will develop practices to help improve your mood and overall outlook. If you have trouble focusing, we will hone-in on ways to pay attention more acutely.

The biggest difference between my approach and more traditional therapeutic methods is that I focus on treating the whole person--mind AND body. I treat clients using an inside-out and bottom-up model to address your difficulties more wholly and completely. The addition of breathing, meditation, energy balancing, and movement to our sessions help bring the nervous system into a more regulated state. When our nervous system is regulated, we are able to mentally shift into what is known as the "growth zone," and that is where lasting change takes place.


This holistic approach can be applied to clients of all ages--preschoolers through adults. If I am working with your child, these techniques will be delivered in a fun, playful, developmentally-appropriate manner. Therapy does not have to be serious or boring!

My methods can stand on their own or be paired with other treatments you are currently receiving. If you are under the care of a psychologist, psychiatrist, or any other healthcare provider and it is working for you, do not stop. My brand of therapy is the perfect complement to these more traditional practices. You may even find that our sessions help to enhance the benefits you receive from other treatment methods. In addition, my approach to therapy is designed to be short-term and solution-focused. Most clients will work through 6-8 sessions with me and then continue the practices on their own, integrating them into daily life.

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