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Yoga Classes

Yoga is my sanity. It is not just a hobby or a workout for me. It is my  profession, my passion, and my lifestyle. Yoga makes me feel connected to myself and to something much bigger than myself at the same time. Yoga supports my mental, emotional, and physical well-being so that I am able to be fully present for my family and care for others. When I'm on my yoga mat, I practice all the skills I need to help me navigate my inner and outer worlds-- strength, steadiness, and connecting to my body through breath and movement. My yoga practice has been transformative for me, and I believe that your practice can do the same for you. If you'd like to join me for a class, I teach weekly at Love Evolution Yoga Studio in Bel Air, MD. You can find their schedule here, or try one of my recorded online classes in their Facebook group. (Facebook classes are free, but you must create an account with the studio and sign the online waiver.)

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